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Front office training as part of the J1 BridgeUSA program

full time

Salary range or wage: 25000 – 30000 USD annually
U.S. dollar


Job description & application below

Position: Paid front office training as part of the J1 BridgeUSA program
This is a paid FO training position at a luxury resort with rotations within the RD FO division including front desk, guest services and room operations. Guests are received, checked in and checked out in the front office. Front desk staff are critical to creating a positive guest experience. It requires excellent customer service skills, attention to detail and the ability to work well under pressure. The position is open to all international participants. USEH International Training Services handles the J1 visa process.

position requirements

Application requirements
 Between 18 and 47 years old with an advanced level of English
 BS or BA degree in the field of traineeship plus at least 1 year of industrial experience
 AS or AA degree in the field of traineeship plus at least three years of industrial experience
 One-year diploma / certificate in the field of traineeship plus at least four years of industrial experience

Additional Information / Benefits

application process
 When applying to the program, the applicant should provide USEH with a CV and/or complete the online application
Form on the USEH website.
 If the applicant is suitable for our programs, he/she will be invited to an interview with USEH Consultants.
 Applicants who pass the interview and assessment will be invited to complete an official application.
 In order to complete the official application, the applicant must submit the required documents, including the application fee, ie
non refundable.
 For the official applicants, the placement process begins, which under normal conditions will take 4-8 weeks.
 Once the participant has secured a position, the offer letter, including terms and conditions such as hours per week,
Scholarship, training plan, accommodation, etc. will be provided for review and signature.
 In addition to the internship contract (between trainee and host company), the trainee must
Agreement with USEH. This agreement sets out the responsibilities and duties of the parties, the trainee and the USEH. USEH will not
assume further responsibility for any trainee who violates the terms of the agreement during the programme.

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