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travel coordinator

Full time, part time, remote/work from home

Salary range or wage: $25000 – $48000 annually


Job description & application below

We have a fantastic opportunity to create dream vacations and business trips with great providers!

* Comprehensive training will be provided
* Must be able to work in the US
* No experience required
* reduced el
* Flexible schedule
* Full-time employment
* Computer must be present and/e
* You must be comfortable working with minimal supervision
* Positive attitude

position requirements

Roles and tasks:
*Arrange travel for companies, sports teams, vacations, weddings and more
* Determine the customer’s needs and preferences, such as: B. Schedules, costs and payment schedules
* Plan and arrange tour packages, excursions and day trips
*Book reservations for travel, hotels, flights, car rentals, special events and honeymoons
*Provide customers with proper documentation such as authorization forms, airline tickets, theme park tickets
* Make alternative booking arrangements if there are any changes before or during the trip.

Questions to answer when applying for this job

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